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About this site

This website ( (henceforth "this website") is managed by Daiwa Institute of Research Business Innovation (henceforth "our company") .
Please confirm about the following Terms of Use.
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Terms of Use

1. About Copyright
The copyright of the contents (Information, Data, Picture, Sound, Text and etc) in this website belongs to our company or the supplier of contents.
In any medium, you will not be able to without obtaining the permission of the Company in advance, to perform the act replication, diversion, alteration, public transmission, and sales and also, regardless of profit, a non-profit. except when performing usage observed by the copyright or personal use.
2. About Link and Statement of URL
Please observe the following matters, when you set a link to this website.
  • The URL you want to set as the destination, please the top page ( in principle.
  • Our company does not assume any responsibility that compensation and complaints related to the setting of the link. Please note. The link from an applicable following homepage refuses firmly . In addition, when an objection arises it to correspond below, I will judge based on our company standard.
  • The homepage include the contents which mean mental abuse or disrepute for our company,other companies and other organizations.
  • Intellectual property rights, such as copyright of our company, and a trademark right, property, privacy or portrait rights, the act that infringes on other rights, or a homepage with a possibility of infringing.
  • In addition to the above items,
    The homepage are breaching to a laws and regulations and public order and morals .
    Home page with a possibility of blocking management of this website.
3. About Security
  • The encryption communication technology of "SSL" (Secure Sockets Layer) is used so that our company may feel easy about a visitor and can use communication on the Internet, without a visitor's personal information being read by the external third party.
    SSL is the structure which protects the communication on the Internet by the mutual recognition which adopted a digital signature and encrypted communication.
    When a visitor transmits credit-card information, personal information, etc. to a server, it is enciphered by this SSL and prevents a visitor's personal information being read by the external third party.
    In using SSL, it is not necessary to carry out a setup special to a browser.
    In addition, please understand beforehand that it may be unable to set up in the browser of an old version.
  • About the website of destination link.
    Our company cannot guarantee the detail of contents what is other business operator or the contents of the individual website which has set the link to this website, such as safety,etc.
    Please perform inspection or use after confirming well contents, use conditions, etc. of a website of a link place in access to the link place concerned.
4. Use Environment
If the version of a browser is obtained as more than Internet Explorer ver. 8.0, you can see this website comfortably.
5. About Plug-in
This website has described using a style sheet.
In use of the non-supported browser, it may not be displayed correctly.
6. Qualification
  • Our company do not guarantees contents on this website about neither validity nor accuracy,and not be responsible for any.
  • Contents and URL on this website may be changed or stopped without a preliminary announcement.
    Our company does not take responsibility what any kind of damage.

About a trademark

xTrade, xBlocks, xTier, and xTraSonic are the registered trademarks of Daiwa Institute of Research Business Innovation.
Zabbix is a registered trademark of Republic of Latvia Zabbix.
LifeKeeper is a registered trademark of SIOS Technology Corp.
DataKeeper is a registered trademark of SIOS Technology Corp.